Sign In Software Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Our eSignInSheet Software runs on Windows Desktop PCs, Notebook PCs and Tablet PCs,. A Pentium III or higher CPU, Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10. A minimum of  86mb of HD space for the program and 5mb of space for every one thousand sign in signatures captured. Two USB 2.0 ports or one RS235 serial port and one USB 2.0 port.

How far away can the Signature Pad be from the host computer?
If you purchased a USB connect Signature Pad, than the maximum distance from pad to computer is 16 feet.  If you purchased a serial connect Signature Pad than the maximum distance is 50  feet. 

How many Signature Pads can I have connected to my computer at the same time? 
You are limited by the number of ports on the host computer or workstation.  You can run one USB pad per computer, multiple pads on the same computer must be serial port pads. You can use add-on internal or external serial port cards or use addressable converters that change a USB port to a serial port.

Must I use a Topaz Signature Pad?
Yes, our software is written to be compatible with the signature capture Topaz ePad 

I followed the installation instructions but I can’t change any of the sign in questions. What do I do?
Close the eSignInSheet App and close the eSignIn Viewer App. Now open the SETUP Editor and follow the HELP instructions  for configuring the sign in screens. When you are finished click on "save current script" as default. Restart eSignInSheet and eSignIn Viewer.

I completed installing eSignInSheet Software but when I click on the eSignInSheet Start icon nothing happens. What do I do?
You must install the Topaz Systems SigPlus Drivers first. Download the drivers from the Topaz Systems Web Site.

Can I open my sign in data information in MS Excel?
Yes, you can export your data to an CSV file, Your purchase came with our data transfer app, Look for  CSV reports under eSignInSheet in your Windows START MENU.

How do I register my software?
Your system is registered before shipping. You will find a flash drive dongle in your package that contains your license registration number. This flash drive must be connected to the computer where the Sign In  APP is installed.



All I see on the main viewer is the sign in name and sign in time, where is the other sign in info?

Click on GRID at the top of the window and a screen pops up. Check the box next to the info and it will appear in the Main Viewer Grid.  

Does every visitor have to be registered to sign in? Can someone, who is at my company only once,  just sign in w/o the registration process?

Yes! Everyone who signs in is entered into the database for that date/time and can be retrieved at a later date.  So, registration is just for repeat visitors who can sign in faster when registered.


I had a new visitor come to my desk when I was on break and they signed in w/o registering, what do I do with their information?

Their sign in line appears in RED on the main viewer to warn you that someone new has signed in w/o registering. You right click on their name and select "Register This Person" and the registration screen pops up. Fill in the visitor’s information and click YES to add this person the registration database. The visitor’s sign in line will change from RED to BLACK to show that they are now registered. NOTE - If you miss registering someone, their sign in event is still saved to the main database. You can register them later if you wish.


Can eSignInSheet just collect signatures?

Yes, you can turn off the registration and questions feature. The software will run as a “sign in” only program. e.g. The person approaches the Topaz Signature Pad or Touch Screen and it reads “Please Sign In”. They sign their name - the signature with it’s Date/Time stamp is automatically saved. The Signature Pad then resets itself, ready for the next person.


Can eSignInSheet “sign-out” a person as well as “sign-in"? 
Yes, there are two options.
First choice - you right click on a "sign in" line on the Main viewer, a "sign out" pop-up window appears, click "Sign Out Now". Done
Second Choice - Turn on the sign out feature in the SETUP EDITOR and our software will allow visitors to sign out themselves as they are leaving.
Both options keep a record of their time-in and their time-out with total time reported on the sign in sheet


How does eSignInSheet recognize who is signing in?

A person does not need to be registered in the software to sign in. But a registered person is recognized and signs in faster.  A person must be registered in the software's registration database to be recognized. .

1)       The most common option is the PIN number. When a person first signs in,  they are registered with a PIN number to use with each returning visit. The PIN number can be any number containing 1 to 10 digits. 
A cell phone number is commonly used as it is unique to each person.

2)       An unique user name came be registered from a combination of letters from their name and a 4 digit PIN. This is more complicated but adds security as the NAME/ PIN combo is only known to the visitor and operator.

What Information does eSignInSheet Report?
There are two reports available. A PDF  report that lists all sign in information in a two column format. A CSV report that can be opened with MS Excel, it reports all sign in info w/o the signature.

We have a Multi Doctor Clinic with different doctors seeing patients on different days. Can we keep a doctor list set for only the doctors that are in on a particular day?
Yes! Open the SETUP EDITOR and click on tab 2, click on load scripts and you will see 6 scripts available. Load any of the 6 scripts and configure it with the doctors' names who practice together on the same day.  Repeat this with as many different practice days that you have in your clinic. e.g.  Set Script 1 for the doctors on Monday, Script 2 for Tuesday and so forth.  Each script can be used on multiple days.