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Sample Screens

visitor sign in log

Sample Sign In Screens on your Topaz Signature Pad.  This is what they see when signing in or out. These Can Be Edited By You.

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  Welcome                          eMAIL

Enter A Name                      Pick 4

Ask For ID#                       YES or NO

Pick From A List                  Signature

Sample Sign In List Screens.
This Is What You See When Someone Is Signing In or Out.

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   eSignIn List Menu  eSignInSheet Basic captures the name, date, sign in time and the signature. It comes with the Reports function to seach on date then name. 

   Print  A Sign In Sheet 
All daily sign in lists are automatically saved to the eSignInSheet Database. After selecting the reports menu and choosing the date or individual's name, this screen displays the data then gives you the choice of saving the Adobe PDF file or printing the sign in sheet.